Our approach to 16-19 study programme

The CLF Post 16 curriculum is shaped to meet the needs of the cohort we serve. It is designed to provide a personalised study programme that enables students to progress, and we are commited to evolving the provision to best meet the changing needs of our students.

Due to this commitment, the curriculum offers an extensive range of courses with varied entry requirements :-


A level Route

Students opting for this learning programme will study a linear course of 2 years and select 3 A levels for this study period.  This form of study requires the student to be taught skills and content during their course of study which are then formally examined at the end of the 2 year period.  Guidance meetings are offered to every prospective student with a Post 16 specialist in order to inform the students to help them select the right courses and foster an enjoyable learning experience for the two years.   The entry requirements for the A level route is a minimum of 5 Grade 4-9 GCSE (level 5 for Maths and English) with a minimum of a grade 6 in the subject that they are choosing to study at A level.

In some cases there will be an opportunity, as a result of guidance with the student, to consider a 1 year AS option and be examined at the end of the year.   The teaching for this is made possible as a high proportion of A level courses are co –teachable, but this option is exceptional and will only be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Vocational courses

Students opting to study a more vocational pathway for their Post 16 experience will also follow a two year linear course, completing coursework and an examined element that is a smaller proportion of the qualification. For Most of courses students will `cash in` their grades and achievement after one year and then continue onto the second year. This route is more suitable for students who feel more comfortable with an ongoing assessment model with a minimum of formal  external examination.  Entry requirements for the vocational pathway are 5 Grades 4-9 including English or Maths Grade 4.

For some students, a combination of A level and vocational courses may be the correct course of study.  This possibility of this combination of courses is planned for, and guidance meetings will support students in making the correct choices for their study

Transitional Curriculum

Students who may not have met the full entry requirements for studying a variety of A levels, or a Vocational course, will be considered for our transition-course, level 3 study programme. The course offers a range of 6 specialist subjects.   Students select one specialism and study this full time.  This course also includes a Work Experience placement for one day a week.  Additionally, students are given the opportunity to resit their Maths and English GCSE alongside their transition course.  Entry requirements are a minimum of 2 grade 4 GCSEs in any subject.  



The CLF Post 16 curriculum offers the full guided learning hours for all of our programmes.  All students are expected to be full time, studying a minimum of 540 guided learning hours per year.  This learning programme will consist of a range of experiences, made up of the lesson delivery for their chosen subjects, academic mentoring sessions, welfare and guidance assemblies, enrichment activities through the CLF+ programme, enhanced qualifications, and widening participation opportunities.  Details for many of these elements can be found on this website. 


In some individual cases, due to our commitment to personalised student support, CLF Post 16 may allow students to continue to study into a third year (Yr. 14).  This decision will be made after a focussed guidance meeting, and is considered as an option that will allow students reach their full potential and complete their chosen programme of study. 


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