Core Mathematics

Enjoy maths but not taking it at A Level?  Do your other subject choices include a science, psychology, business or geography?

Core mathematics is a new course for Post 16 students.  The first cohort of students to complete the course took their exams in May 2016.  It is a Level 3 Certificate equivalent to an AS over two years with UCAS points accredited.

This is a great opportunity to continue learning mathematics, looking at real life problems including finance and will develop your conceptual understanding.

Course Overview
Year 1

Students will explore different real life problems, building on their maths GCSE skills.  Students will use critical thinking, working independently as well as collaboratively in groups.  These problems will involve statistics, finance and modelling.

Year 2

Students will use more complex statistical techniques to analyse scenarios involving data.  They will also explore probability, risk analysis and Fermi estimation.


Courses involving the use of data, scientific or financial elements including: computing, education, health, engineering, robotics and statistics.


Actuary; accountant; aeronautical engineer; financial risk analyst; investment analyst; investment banker; meteorologist; operational researcher; research scientist; statistician; systems developer; teacher.

Be part of something new & exciting. Learn about Maths in the world around you. Answer the question, when do we use algebra in real-life?

Key Facts

Qualification type:

Unknown as new course.

Additional entry requirements:

Grade C or above in GCSE Mathematics.


100% examination marked externally. 20% of the content at Level 3, 80% will be Level 2.

Opportunities for work-related activities:

University taster sessions and working with companies such as banks on finance projects. Working with current data from a range of sources and looking at mathematical aspects of topical issues.



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