How wide is your world? Living your life through an additional language simply doubles your chances and opportunities at everything you do...

Course Overview
Year 1

Leisure and Lifestyles, including travel and tourism, hobbies, entertainment, customs, traditions, healthy and unhealthy living.
The Individual and Society, including relationships and responsibilities, gender issues, youth culture (values, peer groups, fashions and trends), education, vocational training and future careers.

Year 2

Students study the following topics at A2:
Environmental Issues, including technology, pollution, global warming, transport, energy, nuclear energy, renewable energies, conservation, recycling, sustainability.
Social and Political Issues, including the role of the media, racism, immigration social exclusion and integration, terrorism, world of work (employment, commerce, globalization, etc.).


University degree in French. However having French as an additional language is a valuable skill which you can combine with any other qualification. For example you can do a degree in biology with French at St Andrews and pursue a career in research working with scientists based in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec.


Teaching; translating; interpreting; engineering.

If you have a willingness to learn the language and are prepared to work hard then it's definitely an enjoyable experience.

Izzy Payne

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

Grade B in French


External summer examinations in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in French.

Opportunities for work-related activities:

Taster day at UWE with Routes into Languages to find out more about MFL study in HE. 4-day Visit to Paris at Easter.


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