Government & Politics

At a time of political upheaval throughout the world, a hung parliament and Brexit in the UK, crises in the Middle East, and Donald Trump as President of the USA… can you really afford not to study politics?

Course Overview
Year 1

Students will study the government and politics of the UK: you will study democracy in the UK, political parties and what they believe in, how elections work and why voting matters, the history of suffrage and why people vote the way they do, and the role pressure groups play in our democracy. 

You will learn about the UK constitution and where power lies in the UK, the roles of parliament, prime minister and cabinet, how devolution has affected the UK and the relationship between Britain and the EU.

Year 2

At A-Level, students will study political ideas, the government and politics of the US, and comparative politics: you will study How America was born as a nation and the importance of its constitution, the role presidents play on the world stage and at home, whether congress really is the 'broken branch' of government and if Supreme Court justices are just politicians in disguise, US political parties and pressure groups, elections in the USA and racial and ethnic politics: does the election of Barack Obama really mean America has moved on from its racist past? 

The new political ideas topic enables students to engage with the traditional political ideologies of liberalism, conservatism and socialism, and also study a modern political ideology – one of feminism, nationalism, multiculturalism, ecologism or anarchism.


A Level Politics is considered to be a very good academic qualification. You would be able to go on to further study at University in most Arts and Social Science subjects including English, Sociology, Psychology, History, Politics, Economics, Media Studies and Journalism.


Government and Politics is a versatile course. The skills you gain are sought after by many employers. There are possible job routes in teaching, academia, banking, journalism, the civil service and politics amongst many others.

"I would like to thank you for your teaching style of independent research and having a questioning approach. This has helped me greatly at university. I’ve achieved first class marks in all of my assignments thus far."

Bill Penaluna, former student

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

Grade 5 in English or History


Each component is assessed by a 2 hour exam at the end of two years

Opportunities for work-related activities:

We go to parliament, view select committees and a debate in the Commons. In previous years students have spent time on work experience with an MP.


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