Apply the law to complex scenarios in both criminal and civil law to reach a verdict – you are the judge! Explore the relationship between the legal system and society.

Course Overview
Year 1

Law Making and the Legal System: Opportunity to learn about how our legal system works involves looking closely at the Court structure, the roles of legal professionals and the procedures for creating the law. 

The Concept of Liability: Looking at how lawyers attempt to prove a person is guilty of a crime. Provides an introduction to the criminal law, looking at historical and recent cases and applying the law to a problem.

Year 2

Offences Against the Person: Module covers the possible criminal offences that can be committed against another person, these include ABH, Assault, GBH, Murder and Manslaughter. 

Offences against property /Concepts of Law: Offences against property include studying the law on theft, criminal damage, burglary and fraud. Concepts of law involves the in-depth study of theoretical and sociological elements of the law.


Prepares students for university study in any humanities subjects including Law. Provides students with skills of problem solving; critical thinking and analysis to prepare them for their future. Promoting social awareness and understanding.


Legal profession; criminal justice system; police force; education; social work; business.

I enjoy law so much because I'm learning about something that will affect me throughout my entire life. No matter what you go on to do, the knowledge will always remain helpful.

Year 13 Law student

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

Grade 6 in English Literature or Language GCSE.


English legal system runs through all papers with specialist areas of criminal, contract and tort being covered respectively in papers 1, 2 and 3.

Opportunities for work-related activities:

Annual trip to the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court of Justice, work experience placements in solicitors firms and Courts


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