Discover why humans think and behave the way that they do. Study some of the most pioneering pieces of research into human behaviour, early social development and the secrets behind what drives all of our actions.

Social influence: Why do people conform to group pressures and obey authority?

Memory: How do we remember and why do we forget?

Attachment: How and why do we form attachments to others?

Approaches in Psychology: What are the origins of Psychology and is Psychology a science?

Psychopathology: What is ‘abnormality’? And how do people develop Phobias, Depression and OCD?

Research Methods: How is psychological research carried out and interpreted?

Biopsychology: How does the brain work?

Issues and debates in Psychology: Are Psychological studies biased in any way?


Plus one topic from each of these:

Relationships, Gender, or Cognitive Development

Schizophrenia, Eating Behaviour, or Stress

Aggression, Forensic Psychology, or Addiction

Course Overview
Year 1
Year 2

BSc (Hons) Psychology degree; BSc Psychology with sociology/law/criminology/counselling. Students will develop transferable skills that both support study in a wide range of subjects at university and the transition to employment, including quantitative and analytical analysis and forming and testing hypotheses. The development and application of mathematical skills prepare students for study of psychology and related courses at university. 


Psychology can lead to specific careers in Industrial, Clinical, Educational or Forensic Psychology, counselling and therapy, but it is also a useful qualification to have if you are thinking of any career that involves dealing with people (almost everything!).  An understanding of psychological procedures and principles would also be useful in careers such as teaching, health service related occupations, law (including police) and social work.

Psychology is the science of the intellects, characters and behaviour of animals including man

Edward Thorndike

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

Grade B in English and Science, C in Maths


3 summer exams at end of the second year, there is no coursework

Opportunities for work-related activities:

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