Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

'Abortion is murder' – is it? 'Internet pornography is immoral' - is it? 'Extreme religious ideas are dangerous' - are they?

Course Overview
Year 1

Ethics 1: Ethical Theories: Natural Law; Kantian Ethics; Utilitarianism; Religious Ethics. Applied Ethics: Abortion; Euthanasia; Genetic Engineering; War and Peace.
Philosophy of Religion: Ancient Greek influences on philosophy of religion; Judaeo-Christian influences on philosophy of religion; Traditional arguments for the existence of God; Challenges to religious belief.

Year 2

Ethics 2: Meta-ethics; Free will and determinism; Conscience; Virtue ethics;  Applied ethics topics.
Religious Fundamentalism: We look at the origins of religious fundamentalism and in the world today.  We compare and contrast the Taliban and the Amish.
Philosophy of Religion: Religious Language; Experience and Religion; Nature of God; Life and Death; Miracles.


Religious studies; theology; philosophy; law; journalism; sociology and the social sciences; medicine; nursing and teaching.


Solicitor; doctor; journalism; teaching; youth work; police; counselling; armed forces; social work and law.

It makes me think really deeply about social issues that I have never questioned before.

Linet Wanjiru

Key Facts

Qualification type:

A Level

Additional entry requirements:

B grade in GCSE English language; the ability to enquire, think critically, reflect and evaluate to construct an argument; the ability to reflect on and develop own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of their learning.


Exam for each module 
No coursework

Opportunities for work-related activities:

Contemporary films and plays, visiting Crown Court.


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